CoraroC is a unique aqua scaping system for reef tanks. The system allows you to mount and move corals to almost any position in your reef. The system is also amazingly easy to re-scape and re-use.

Single corals can easily be taken out for fragging or inspection. It´s done with a twist. If you find out that a coral don´t thrive in one position. Just move the coral to a new spot.

CoraroC can be combined with live rock or dry rock. A really good way is if you find some small pieces of “clean” live rock that you can put in the CoraroC scape.


CoraroC scape day 1...

...and 11 weeks later...


After scaping, maintaining and tearing down many reef tanks we have first hand experience what it takes to deal with all different phaces in the hobby. It has happend many times that we planned to do a 5min trim of a coral in a tank ending up with spending the whole weekend re-scaping the reef because a bigger piece of the scape broke. We have endured month with a scape we are not completly satisfied with just because knowing how much work it is to change it.

So somewhere around 2011 our first tests with putting corals on special coralholders (pegs) started. It developed to scapes with PVC-pipes included for placement of corals.

Mixed 375 liter tank in 2007

Replacing a single coral in a tank can be really challenging especially if encrusting over a rock with other corals.

Tearing down full grown tanks is always a big mess. Corals have grown together and over rocks. Sometimes you save a few nice pieces but the rest ending up in a frag mess or totally misshaped pieces. With CoraroC it is possible to tear down a tank in a much more "controlled" way.

800 liter in 2012

Corals in the trash

First saltwater ~1988-1989

The "PVC-scape" worked regarding to be able to take a coral out for fragging or moving a coral to a new spot if it didn´t thrive. But it was hard and time consuming to build, corals was not always staying in place, changes was impossible to make without big efforts. However, with 3d-printing we could in 2018 start to develop a modular aqua scape system finally resulting in CoraroC. 

Zeovit tank in 2009

Fragging and trimming corals is easy with CoraroC. Identify the branches you like to cut. Take the coral out and trim it and just put it back in the tank.

Messy tear down of a tank


CoraroC has a porous density. On these pictures you can see a live rock pieces of approximately the same size as CoraroC. The live rock is slightly heavier. Density on both live rock and CoraroC can differ a bit from piece to piece, but this is just to give you an idea about it. 

Side by side live rock and CoraroC branch HU-100

Live rock 380 g

CoraroC branch 270 g

Side by side live rock and CoraroC shelf SA-100

CoraroC shelf 490 g

Live rock 578 g